Wedding Testimonials



Gean House, Scotland

May 2014


"We were absolutely delighted to be able to have Caroline perform at our wedding in May 2014 at Gean House in       Scotland. We asked her to sing three songs for us: 'How long will I love you' (Ellie Goulding) for our first dance, 'Come away with me' (Norah Jones) for the father-daughter & mother-son dance, and 'Relight the stars' (Caroline Harrison) for the all guests third dance. Our guests were so captivated by Caroline's singing that they asked her for an encore, and so she sang another one of her own lovely songs for us all ('Beyond the darkened sky'). Caroline was wonderful throughout the whole process - from discussing song choices during the wedding preparations to her beautiful performance at our wedding. She is a true professional, and we would highly recommend her to other couples looking for the perfect personal touch for their wedding". Rachael Miller


Gravesend, Kent

December 2008


"We asked Caroline to sing 'Let There Be Love' by Oasis during the signing of the register at our wedding. Her unique voice and music filled the church and moved everybody. When she finished, you could hear a pin drop and everyone was left astounded. To this day it is the one thing that we all remember from our wedding, a magical moment, never to be forgotten". Sarah and Jamie Taylor